All participating faculty members in this program are from the departments in the College of Engineering. Students are suggested to look for their advisor/supervisor from any departments in the College of Engineering. Some of participating faculties and their research emphasis are listed below.


Faculty name  Department Research fields e-mail
黃仁竑 Ren-Hung Hwang Computer Science and Information Engineering Internet of Things, 5G Network, Software Defined Networks
熊博安 Pao-Ann Hsiung Computer Science and Information Engineering Smart Cyber-Physical Systems, Intelligent Software Design, Internet-of-Things
薛幼苓 Yu-Ling Hsueh Computer Science and Information Engineering Spatio-temporal Databases

Scalable continuous query processing

Data analysis and Management
黃啟富 Chi-Fu Huang Computer Science and Information Engineering Wireless Communication & Mobile Computing
江為國 Wei-Kuo Chiang Computer Science and Information Engineering Mobile computing,

Mobile Network protocol,

Interconnection network,
潘仁義 Jen-Yi Pan Communications Engineering Internet and local area network;
Mobile communication system;
System level simulator


劉立頌 Alan Liu Electrical Engineering Artificial Intelligence,

Multiagent Systems,

Requirements Engineering


鄭伯炤 Bo-Chao Cheng Communications Engineering Network security,

Embedded system,

network management
林惠勇 Huei-Yung Lin Electrical Engineering Computer Vision,

Robotics, Machine Learning,

Image Processing


余國瑞 Gwo-Ruey Yu Electrical Engineering Intelligent Control, Robot, Power Electronics
李皇辰 Warren-Huang Lee Communications Engineering Wireless Sensor Network, Networked Embedded System, Internet of Things (IoT),
黃敬群 Huang-Ching Chun Electrical Engineering Machine Learning

Computer Vision

Signal Processing
吳建華 Janne-Wha  Wu,


Communications Engineering Microwave Circuits and System

Semiconductor Device and Modelling

Biomedical Electronics


鄭榮偉 Cheng,-Jung Wei Mechanical Engineering Automatic Control,

Flexible Electronics Fabrication
劉建聖 Chien-Sheng Liu Mechanical Engineering/Opto-Mechatronics Engineering Geometric Error Measurement,

Laser-based Auto-focusing Module, Cell Phone Camera Modules
李元堯 Yuan-Yao Li Chemical Engineering/ Opto-Mechatronics Engineering Carbon nanomaterials, Advanced batteries and fuel cells, Nanosensors.
王祥辰 Hsiang-Chen Wang Opto-Mechatronics Engineering Optoelectronic semiconductor materials and devices, Biomedical Science

and Engineering, Color lighting & Illumination system
丁初稷 Chu-Chi Ting Opto-Mechatronics Engineering Optoelectronic materials and

Devices Biomedical materials